Learn About My Total Transformation Program - ALIGN!
“I understand the challenges that healthcare professionals face 
to keep themselves healthy while tirelessly caring for others, 
that’s why I created programs that are easy to follow 
AND provide all the tools you need to lose the extra weight and 
gain sustainable health habits.”
-Kelly Schroeder, RN, CHC
Together, we can transform your life into one that SHINES!
I help busy female professionals take control of their health again - 
get back into healthy routines, stay on track, and finally reach their health goals. 

If you want to lose weight without spending hours in the kitchen, gain body confidence, and have the energy to meet life & work's demands....then we need to chat!
Client Love for 
Blossom Health Coach:

"Blossom Health Coaching is one of the best kept secrets in Michiana! Kelly is a professional, knowledgable, and experienced RN whose passion is to help women uncover their true potential along their journey toward personal health and wellness. Not only have I lost 30 pounds since starting with Blossom, I'm taking steps to find sounder sleep, stressing better, and learning how to incorporate simple, healthy meal planning into my daily routine. If you are ready to dedicate yourself to changing your life through gradually changing your habits, you will not find a more compassionate, dedicated health coach!"

Hillary D, Indiana

"This beautiful soul, Kelly Rose Schroeder, has helped me start making the necessary changes in my life that I so desperately needed. What started off as a journey of recovering my health, progressed into a journey of recovery for my heart and soul. Kelly isn’t just a health coach, she’s an inspiration. She has shown me that it’s important to first mend my soul which will enable me to mend my body. She doesn’t shame or make you feel guilty for being human. She understands the battles of being a woman in today’s hectic world. She is not only a mother, wife, nurse, and health coach...she is a friend!"

Karen T, Georgia

"I approached Kelly because I was frustrated of only getting " half way" with where I wanted to be.At first, it started with wanting to lose weight and get more motivated to workout. Holy Guacamole! It became so much more. At our first session, Kelly helped me be very specific about my nutrition and exercise goals. She is incredibly knowledgeable about goal setting, baby steps, manageable strategies and finding what "fits" into my life.  I always leave feeling stronger, inspired and, yes, empowered to find my joy. I appreciate her non- judgement approach. She really meets me where I am! The passion she has for health coaching is contagious."

Sheila M, Indiana 

"Kelly is really friendly and approachable which makes it really easy to talk to her. She's warm and kind but also realistic about what is achievable when making changes to your diet, exercise or overall lifestyle. Her wealth of experience means she also has a vast knowledge she can draw on. As a busy mom with limited free time she understands what I need help with, and has given me some great tips to help me feed my children better meals, and also make some time for myself."

Louise M, United Kingdom
  •  How can we work together?
You can work with me privately through one on one coaching with sessions every other week, offered on a month-month basis, or in a small group setting with like-minded women and value packed, easy to follow online program content & weekly sessions with me. 
  •  What's the first step?
The first step is to book a free strategy session to discuss your health concerns and goals so we can decide together which service suits you best.
  •  What is the investment?
My prices are on point with the national average for wellness coaching. I prefer to discuss pricing and payment options in a conversation so that I can fully explain all the benefits you receive. We can also then find a price point that you're comfortable with. 
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