Finally, a Total Transformation Program 
Made Just for Busy Nurses! 
I know you...
I know your gift is caring for others, healing, and providing peace for those in pain, but your own health can be overlooked when you perpetually give and don't take enough time to care, heal, and provide peace for yourself. 

You want to regain your healthy habits, or maybe start them once and for all.

I designed the ALIGN program for busy female professionals who want to lose weight, learn healthy habits, have more energy, and feel confident - all without spending hours in the kitchen or at the gym. 

As a mom, nurse, wife, and health coach - I get it. It's sometimes stressful & overwhelming to try to stay on track with your healthy habits when LIFE keeps happening!

I know where you are right now (because I've lived it too) so I created this 90 day small group program to meet you there. It includes everything you need to transform your habits and your health.
How I Know You...
My weight shifted up dramatically in my 20’s. I gained over 70 pounds just going through nursing school! As a single mom and a full time student with a full time job, I know a thing or two about 'busy'. 

I wanted to get healthy, but I just couldn't seem to stay on track with anything I tried. I later learned my mindset and lack of direction kept me chained to those extra pounds. 

Only when I implemented the practices that are now the foundation of the ALIGN program, was I was able to break forever free of this cycle and
begin to heal, grow, and even thrive. 

I created the ALIGN Program to help you not only get your health back easily, but teach you how to stay on track for the long term.  

My transformation looked like this: 
  •  weight loss (80#)
  •  improved eating habits
  •  regular exercise
  •  regulated hormones
  •  clearer skin
  •  decreased PMS
  •  strong muscles
  •  stable mood
  •  increased self esteem
  •  confidence
  •  eliminated emotional eating
If this sounds like you, we need to talk!
ALIGN was developed to focus on all the necessary components of making lasting healthy lifestyle change - not just diet. 
What Women Are Saying:
My goal in creating the ALIGN program is to offer the healers of our society an opportunity to finally take their health back.
The ALIGN Program gives you control of your life back. 

It will allow you to truly feel:
  • Accomplished
  •  Balanced
  •  Positive
  •  Confident
  •  Stable
  •  Energized
  •  Healthy
  •  Calm
  •  Authentic
  •  Joyful
& empowered with tools to continue living healthy for the rest of your life.

Imagine creating new healthy habits that are sustainable for life, as well as:
Want to feel this way in 90 days?
Then we need to talk!
Designed with you in mind, this program engages you in a transformation that aligns with your values, beliefs, and family dynamics. You will feel like this program was made for you. Because it is!

What you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! During your time in the ALIGN program, you will learn how to eat to nourish your mind and body, eliminate sugar addiction, simplify healthy cooking, snack without guilt, and adjust meals to your needs while still feeding your family what they like. 
As a byproduct of my Signature Circle of Wellness method, the pounds will melt away, your waistline, hips, and thighs will slim down, and the scale tick down with each passing week. You’ll feel nourished, energized, and in control of your eating habits. 
You get 9 weeks of done for you meal plans with recipes that take ~30 minutes to prepare so you won't be spending hours in the kitchen!

You will wake up feeling refreshed, confident in your abilities, energized, and ready to take on the day! You won’t need that afternoon pick me up and you definitely won’t be dragging ass by 5 pm. Watch out, world! 
By attending to your body’s nutritional needs, managing stress, carefully selecting your responsibilities, training your mindset, and using proven techniques for better sleep, your energy will be soaring as I guide you through the 90 day program.  


As your perspective transitions and your healthy habits gain traction, you find inner motivation which leads to vibrating confidence! You know you've got it this time! You will feel more comfortable in your clothes and even be snagging some new threads that match your new found glow. You will be certain of your life goals, your purpose, and each decision you make, which breeds an internal confidence that can’t be beat. People will notice this higher vibration you emit and be naturally gravitating towards you. New opportunities await! 
Included in the program are mindset and vision statement trainings which will completely transform your thoughts & behavior. 
You will rest assured that you’re making these changes naturally, not with the aid of some shake mix or pills intended to decrease hunger. All my methods, meals, tips, and tricks are created from a holistic perspective. There are no fad diets and no quick fixes. We will employ real, fresh, nourishing foods, safe movement, essential oils where indicated, real paper books by stellar authors; natural skin, beauty, and household products, natural detoxing methods, quality nutritional supplements, and deep, proven mindset techniques. 

If you're still reading, chances are you're just the woman I want to help...

Book a call now to discuss the habits you want to change and how the ALIGN program can help you blossom into the best version of yourself!

What's Included in the ALIGN Program?
The ALIGN Program is an all inclusive, 90 day small group coaching program designed to help you achieve weight loss, improve your energy, learn and maintain healthy habits, start moving your body, stress less, and sleep better, all without spending hours in the kitchen or at the gym.
In the ALIGN Program you engage in coaching sessions with me every week for the full 12 weeks, daily check ins and support via the Members Only Facebook Community, plus tons of content & training:
  •  Done for you Meal Plans w/ 30-minute meals ($600 value)
  •  Guides to Eating Out, Intermittent Fasting, Meal Planning ($285 value)
  •  Signature Circle of Wellness Training ($550 value)
  •  Weekly Coaching Calls ($1140 value)
  •   Supplement & Hydration Guides ($95 value)
  •  Success Mindset Training ($95 value)
  •  Vision Crafting Workbook ($95 value)
  •  How to Make it Stick! ($95 value)
Included are nearly $3,000 worth of Expert Services, Content, and Trainings!
Like I said, I've done the work, years worth of work, in order to bring this to you.  Because I know you're busy and want results. 

I want a world full of women who are crushing it - so I don't charge $3k for this program. Let's be real. I priced this program so that women can afford to invest in themselves.

The investment to get you your health back (and stay there!) is just   
3 payments of $299
(discounted if paid in full!)
You also get these free goodies when you join the ALIGN program:
  • 3 Month Meal Planbook from Blossom Health Coach to help you organize your weekly meals
  •  Email support between Weekly Calls to answer your burning questions
  •  A verified list of 20 Clean, Non-Toxic beauty products to improve your hormonal health and see the best results
Maybe you're hesitant - that's ok. 
I think know why. 
As gifted healers & caregivers, we are wired to give endlessly but find it very uncomfortable to give to ourselves.
But we can't pour from an empty cup, just like you can't pump an empty tank (that's a cardiac reference :) )
It's absolutely necessary to fill up your own cup so you can give your best to others.
Because we are the healers of the world
and you deserve to feel your best.  
Book a call today and I'll show you that this is the ONLY program you'll ever need to reach your health & wellness goals!
I know your time is valuable. If you’ve purchased but feel like the program isn’t right for you, you can request a refund (100%) within 30 days of joining. I don’t think you’ll need it, but it’s there!
I know you. 

You’ve been waiting for a program like this: one that takes into account your busy schedule and tailors to your beliefs, values, and responsibilities. 

I know you’ve felt stuck, overwhelmed and stressed about getting healthy again and losing the weight.
Let’s stop the cycle HERE and NOW.

Believe me when I say...YOU ARE WORTH IT!

You give and give, but you can't pour from an empty cup.
Fill up your cup, and learn how to keep it full for life
so you can continue to care, and give, and heal.
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