Kelly Schroeder
RN, Certified Functional Health Coach
Healthy Habits
Blossom Health Coach has the only sustainable, real food weight management programs for healthcare professionals who want to gain body confidence and have energy to meet life’s demands without missing out on precious family time by spending hours in the kitchen or at the gym. 
What is Health Coaching?
How Coaching Can Transform Your Life:
You're busy. Perpetually caring for others and giving it your all. But what's left for YOU at the end of the day?
What about your health goals?

If you have some unwanted weight you're carrying around, feel tired and just can't seem to stay on track, then we need to chat!

Coaching gives you an expert in your corner - someone who offers the tools to motivate you, empower you, educate you, and hold you accountable to your goals so you actually reach them this time. 

Women who work with me lose weight & keep it off, gain body confidence & energy, experience more balanced hormones, & learn sustainable health habits through my 1:1 coaching and group wellness programs.  

Why My Approach Works:
Together, we take a holistic approach to your health. I created my Signature tool, the Circle of Wellness, which helps us balance areas of health like nutrition, movement, stress, and sleep, in order to get you feeling your best.  

I also intimately understand what your busy lifestyle is like and meet you where you are. The steps we implement to reach your goals fit right into YOUR life.

We focus on celebrating wins, managing our mindset, and the Circle of Wellness to get you feeling  energized, motivated, and confident in your body. 
Services Offered:
My most popular service is my 90 day total transformation program, ALIGN! It's a small group program that gives you everything you need to get healthy without the overwhelm and stress.
I also offer one on one coaching for a more private coaching relationship. Book a call and we'll decide together which option is best for you!
Ready to finally reach your health and wellness goals?
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